Event Setup (Using PAC Manager)

Hi all,

I have been working with the PAC Manager exploring the events feature. I’ve run into a hurdle that I can’t seem to get over. I’m using an alarm to monitor a thermocouple. Both the high and low alarms are set to trigger at different temperatures and change a bit of the Scratch Pad. The alarm setup appears to work correctly. Changing the temperature changes the alarm states and changes the scratch pad bit.
Now I am trying to twiddle a digital output point based on the scratch pad bit. I have two Digital Events - Expanded setup. One watches for the scratch pad bit to change to 1 and sets the digital output point to 1. The other watches for the scratch pad bit to change to 0 and sets the digital output point to 0. (This is similar to the example in the docs). The problem though is that the events don’t seem to be operating like I would expect them to. I’m not sure if it a misunderstanding of how the masking works or something else. Below are some screen shots of the events from Inspect in PAC Manager. You can see the current status of the scratch pad bits (lowest bit set to 1). I would expect event 0 to be on and event 1 to be off. However, it is the opposite case. I hit the refresh button several times thinking I didn’t have the correct state of either the scrtach pad or the event state. What am I doing wrong here?

Hi Scott
I have used the event/reaction features for a while now and what you have there looks kosher. Have you tries using the digital events without the expanded feature? As you aren’t doing any timing or matching of 2 elements, it may be worth trying this in case there is something odd in the FW.
I am gathering you are manipulating the first digital output of module 0? Bit odd though…
Might pay to dro an email to PSG?.

Hope this helps

Works great in the ‘Old’ digital events. Thanks! Not sure why the ‘Expanded’ doesn’t work.

Hi Guys,
Looks like you’re hitting this issue (w/Scratch Pad Bits and trigger #1). Another work-around would be to use trigger #2 for those that DO need the expanded part.
Thanks for the suggestion, Nick!