Ethernet port flapping on multiple RIOs


We have 3 RIOs across 2 customers that are having issues with network connections.

The symptom is flapping, and network outages to the RIO. One customer has been experiencing network connectivity problems (with just their RIOs - not other network devices) for a while and we’re working hard to get to the bottom of it.

These are PoE driven, and once they lose connectivity their only recourse is to unplug and plug their PoE cable, causing a restart. The control software and I/O are running throughout the event - just the network is having issues. We have done the usual wire replacement.

One thing to notice is both of these customers have 1gbps ethernets, and I’m wondering if the RIO is having a hard time keeping up. Attached is a log from one of them - search for 'Link is ’ and you’ll see the frequency of the network going up and down.

All 3 RIOs are running 3.0.1-b.43.

I think we’ve done as much as we can, and are reaching out to see if you’ve seen this, and if there’s a solution.

Thank you,
-Loren (8.0 KB)