Ethernet IP Scanner Input table values not matching device published data

Using Codesys, licensed the Groov as a IO Scanner. The field device is a SMC Manifold block, WEN600 and we’ve imported their EDS file.

The IO is set to update on the bus cycle task, we only get zeros when we scan the device with the ETH1 port set as a scanner. But when we browse the SMC device via it’s webpage, we can see the data moving in the area we’d expect. Input/Output sizes match, no errors are generated. It’s all happy green lights everywhere. I’m not sure what I should be looking for to troubleshoot.

Hi there and welcome to the Opto forums!

This sounds a bit like a general configuration question rather than a ‘it works everywhere except on EPIC’ issue… As such I wonder if the Codesys forums might offer some more specific help?

I will run it past the team here at Opto, but I doubt any of us have used the SMC stuff, but you never know…

By not using the EDS file and creating a generic device profile, using the same connection string generated by the EDS file, it worked.


Awesome! Thanks for letting us know… I just commented to @rgamero that my first guess was an issue with the EDS file, but was not confident enough to say as much.
Glad it was a pretty simple fix.