Ethernet IP device maximums on Groov Epic running CODESYS

We are utilizing 3 Groov Epic PR2 controllers to run a grain Handling System and some distillation equipment. We will be communicating with Eaton VFDs via an ethernet/IP network link, with the device control implemented in CodeSys via a pre-configured EDS file from the manufacturer. I was curious if we would run in to network or controller speed/memory problems due to a high volume of Ethernet/IP devices being operated from the Groov Epic CodeSys program. There will ultimately be about 100 devices on the network split out across 3 separate Groove Epic PR2s, although most of them (60 or so) will be controlled by only 1 of the PR2s. Are there any known ethernet/IP device count limitations to the Groov Epic hardware, when running CodeSys? I am fairly certain we will be fine on the network speed end, but have no data to back up my assumptions that we will be fine on the Groov Epic hardware end. Our goal would be to have Gigabit capable ports throughout the network backbone, but is this a problem even if the ports are not Gigabit?

There is no physical limit via Codesys, but with that many you could run into network bandwidth issues depending on the speeds you need and the amount of commands being sent. 60 seems like it would be a lot for any given network.

It is mostly on/off commands and digital running status items, some speed setpoints as well. Not any high speed cycling or high speed control issues though.

The HMI layer will be implemented in Ignition that is running on a separate server so operators will only be exposed to those tags.

The main goal would be that the running status gets updated over the network with a second or 2 of the start command being issued.