Ethernet-IP communication Snap Pac S2 with M580 Schneider

Hi, I would like you to help me with a topic. I need to communicate a Snap-Pac-S2 PLC with a Schneider M580 PLC using Ethernet IP protocol. Is this possible? I have used the Ethernet-IP communication between an Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC and a Snap-Pac-S2 PLC and it works very well. I appreciate any help.

Thank you very much

I took a quick look at the M580 Specs and see it does support EtherNet/IP. I’m going to assume that it supports Implicit Messaging (also called I/O messaging)…which is probably what you used on the ControlLogix. Then it would be a similar process to establish comms. You’d create a Generic Ethernet module for the M580 and input/output assemblies. On the S2 side it would also be the same as what you did before (create input/output assemblies, and use the scratchpad).

I noticed that the M580 also supports Modbus-TCP. So that’s another option. If it is a Master, then the S2 is a slave out of the box, and you can use our Modbus-TCP Protocol guide for addressing. If the M580 is a slave, then you’d need the Opto 22 Modbus Integration Kit to set up the S2 as a master.

Hi Arun, thank you very much for your reply. I will carry out tests as you indicate. :+1:

Good idea to test, because the Schneider PLC may not be configured like a ControlLogix with regard to a “generic Ethernet Module” and associated assembly instances. If you find that is the case…maybe it is worth considering Modbus-TCP.