Ethernet 1 and Ethernet 2 Configuration

SO! I’m using SNAP-PAC-R1s.
I have a configuration of Opto A Ethernet 1 connected to a Laptop. Opto A Ethernet 2 connected to Opto B Ethernet 1. Do I need to set Opto A Ethernet 2 to an IP address?

I swear I didn’t need to set it and Opto A could communicate with Opto B and send commands to Opto B modules…but when I try to run the strategy, I get an error that it can’t find Opto B.

I have a new configuration where I use a switch and my software communicates fine between all, but for design purposes I need to get rid of the switch and connect directly.

I had software working in the first configuration a while back and don’t recall setting the IP. Am I going senile?

I tried setting Ethernet 2 of Opto A to an IP address (according to support 1 and 2 have to be on different networks). But since they are on different networks, the laptop can’t ping Ethernet 2. And then wouldn’t I have to change my current IP on Opto B Ethernet 1 to the same network as Opto A Ethernet 2 for those two to communicate?

Yeah…don’t remember having to go through this mess.

Opto A Ethernet 1 IP =
Opto B Ethernet 1 IP =
Laptop IP =

Subnets are all

I set Opto A Ethernet 2 to, same subnet. Doesn’t make a difference communication wise.

Thanks if you can help!

You are correct that Ethernet 1 & Ethernet 2 MUST be different networks on the -R1. Different story on EBs, were you using those before, perhaps?

In any case, a couple of thoughts here… to help with some of the confusion, I’d suggest having both of your Eth2’s be that 2nd 10.0.0.X network. Then connect Eth2 and A to Eth2 on B. You could connect to both/either from your laptop via the 192.168.1.X network on Eth1. Make sense?