Error start Groov AT1

Hi, i´m sorry my english is very bad!!
I have a Groov AT1 and not running ok, please check pic.

I try to restart factory with no results, Any idea how to reset it from the factory?

Luis Llanos (Chile)

Don’t forget, our support is free, best to email:
In the meantime, did you try the process documented in the AT1’s manual?

Restoring the groov Box restores the default network settings and erases all user data, including your project. When the process is complete, the Box will send out a DHCP request on ETH0, and you will be able to connect using the default hostname.

CAUTION: When the groov Box is restored to factory default settings, your project will be erased.

1. Check to see that the groov Box is turned off, but the PWR LED is on.
2. Press and hold the On/Off button for at least four seconds and until the STOR LED is blinking
orange. Then release the button.
Both the SYS LED and STOR LED will be blinking orange at this point. When both the SYS LED
and STOR LED stop blinking orange, the procedure is finished.
3. Briefly press the On/Off button to turn off the groov Box, then briefly press it again to turn the groov Box back on so that you can log in.

Thank you very much, I already followed the procedure and I can not reset the factory.
I have noticed that the SYS led never blinks orange when the STOR LED is blinking orange.

Is there any other way to reset?

Please email our groov help;

Thanks! I talk Kathy!!