Error pac display #### value

I have this problem with PAC DISPLAY and GROOV EPIC PR1, my PC has windows 10 and I have already carried out the procedures described in these guides.

but the error persists, also, disable the firewall and reinstall the PAC PROJECT PRO to the latest version available on the opto22 page, also, the values do not update, to do so I press the ESC key and the values that are not in “## .##” Are updated. I appreciate your help. Thanks a lot

groov epic interface in groov manage displays values correctly

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Jorge, are you running windows 10 pro or home? running pac display as admin?

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@jandresgg0322 Thank you for your question. @jelectron Thank you for your offer to help. I spoke with @jandresgg0322 's office earlier this week and they resolved the issue. It had to do with a Windows Update. - Rene