Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND

Hi, everyone. I face some problems about the “http request node” cannot send the xml. Previous dont have this problems. Inside the Http request node the method I select “POST”.


The problems similar like .

I dont know what is the problems and I check back my XML format dont have any problems.


This error almost always points to a network settings issue.
You must have changed your network if it used to work, but now does not.
If you have a static IP address on your EPIC, make sure you have a static DHCP and DNS.

The error message is saying that the address can not be found. Resolve your network issues so it can be found and the error will go away.


Thanks Beno,

My IP address on the EPIC is static same as DHCP and DNS.
I’m using another groov can send the XML to Http. Just the version not same, but previous I can send. Did the version affected?


No, its not a version issue.
Look at the error code. It states ‘Get address not found’.
It can not resolve the host name of the other groov you are testing against.
Use its IP address.

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