Error code -10038

Good Morning,
I am a beginning user of PAC Control basic. I am trying to connect to a SNAP-PAC-EB2 brain and I am getting error code -10038. I CAN commmunicate to the the EB2 through PAC manager. I have identical IP settings in both applications. Any suggestions are appreciated

Hello Roscoe1088,

Welcome to the OptoForums! The part number you mention, the SNAP-PAC-EB2, is a [I]brain [/I](vs. a [I]controller[/I]). You’ll need to download your “strategy” (the logic you’re writing in PAC Control basic) to a [I]controller[/I], which will then connect to the [I]brain[/I]. You’ll configure the -EB2 in your strategy tree under “I/O Units” (vs. “Control Engines”).

The control engine can be: a SNAP-PAC-S series ([I]controller[/I] only), SNAP-PAC-R series (both [I]controller [/I]& [I]brain[/I]), or SoftPAC (software [I]controller [/I]that runs on a Windows PC). There’s also the free demo/trial subset of SoftPAC called “PAC Sim” which can also run on your Windows PC and talk to the -EB2).

Check out this [U][B]Controller/Brain comparison doc here.[/B][/U]

This confusion between brain vs. controller happens a lot. If I’ve misunderstood where/when you’re seeing this error (I’m guessing it’s when you go to try to download/debug the strategy?) then let us know more details, and we’ll get you sorted out.


BTW, here’s a video overview of the various parts of the SNAP PAC System (software, controllers, brains, I/O) which might be helpful too:


I encountered the same error code for a different reason. I had multiple NIC’s in my PC on the same subnet (I know, bad idea). The Opto22 controller was on NIC #3. When I attempted to reach it after some period of inactivity, I would get the -10038 error code two times as it first attempted communication on NIC #1, then NIC #2. On the third try, when it polled out on NIC #3, it would connect.

The problem was resolved by reassigning each NIC to its own subnet, which should have been done to begin with.