Error 10038

hello to everybody ,
im new member to opto community and im having probably some communication problem (error 10038) with my SNAP-PAC-EB2.
When im trying to debug with pac control basic i get msg error 10038.
-i can ping with opto device
-i communicate with pac manager
but i cant debug with pac control basic!i would appriciate if anyone could help me!

Hi leptokarias,

Welcome to OptoForums! SNAP-PAC-EB2 is not a controller (EB = Ethernet Brain), so it won’t communicate on port 22001 or run a strategy – you need a controller for that. Here’s a form that explains the differences between Opto 22 brains and controllers: SNAP PAC Controller and Brain Comparison Chart, form 1677.

We now have 3 types of controllers, the rack-mounted SNAP-PAC-R series, stand-alone or SNAP-PAC-S series, and coming very soon, the Software PAC: SoftPAC.

I hope that helps! Do you have a SNAP-PAC-R or SNAP-PAC-S controller?


Mary thank you very much, your comments were very helpful!
No i dont have a SNAP-PAC-R or SNAP-PAC-S controller! I will try with my device to controll and monitor some I/Os and i hope you could help me to any obstacles, but soon its in my plans to buy a controller!
thank you very much for your time!

You’re welcome! In the meantime, you can download PAC Sim (simulator) for free. It runs for a limited time, but does most things a hardware-based PAC can do. It’s a great tool for learning/getting started or doing a demo when you don’t have a hardware controller on hand. It runs on your windows PC so you can just use the “loopback” IP address ( when you configure your “Control Engine.” :slight_smile: