Epic Upgrade pr1-1.31.b124

Has anyone had any issues with the latest Epic upgrade? I did one that went as expected, but I am having another one hang on the “Install Update” step. Just curious if anyone else has seen this. Its at a remote site and I am hoping it finishes. But since its been 4 hours I am not very hopeful.

After about 5.5 hours I rebooted and it came back up with the upgrade applied just didn’t get the network settings back. Had someone go on site so I could get the new IP and connect to it.
Have done two others with no issues.

Hi Norm,

My name is Matt and I’m the lead QA Engineer here at Opto 22. I wanted to personally address this issue as its my goal to make these updates as bug free as possible.

Thanks for giving us an update on the progress. I wanted you to know that there is a known bug in the 1.3.0 build that could have caused this issue and is likely what you came across.

There will eventually be a KB article written about this issue and it will be KB88156.

We have addressed and I believe fixed this issue in 1.3.1 which you are upgrading to. If you have any more issues or if you see it again please feel free to reach out to product support so that we can get more information such as the logs from the PR1.

I’m also sorry to hear about the network settings and I can assure it’s our priority that we make these upgrades as seamless as possible. This should not happen in future upgrades, it should always preserve the networks configuration.

Have a good day!


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