EPIC to Ignition using OPC UA

Is anyone connecting an EPIC to Ignition using the built-in OPC UA server in production yet? I’m thinking about trying this method instead of the Cirrus Link driver and looking for feedback if it is working well.

I’m pretty sure @bensonh is and he knows some customers that are. From what I can recall him saying, its working well, but I am probably missing some details… Hes out on travel at the moment, back Monday.

I am using the EPIC’s built-in OPC UA Server in lieu of the Cirrus Link driver in my online demos now (for PAC Control-based systems). Works great, and I’ve been recommending others to consider doing so as well.

I’ve also started using the RIO’s built-in OPC UA Server as the easiest method to get I/O data into Ignition (both full Ignition and Ignition EDGE onboard the RIO). Way easier than the Modbus TCP method.