EPIC Protocols and Ports

I’m sure I can find this in various documentation but I figured someone here might know off the top of their heads. Our customer’s IT dept is limiting VPN access by protocol and port instead of just by IP address and is asking what we need to continue to support them. We have a groov EPIC with groov View HMI. I believe we need ports 80, 443 to manage the EPIC and access groov Build and ports 22001 and 2001 to access the control strategy. Do all of these use TCP? What about UDP? Am I missing anything?


I think you have it squared away.
Page 22 of the groov Networking guide has the table you are looking for.


22001 controller port is TCP only
2001 I/O port is UDP only.

I think that will be enough. That should cover PAC Control download and debugging, PAC Manager (if you need it), Groov Manage and Groov View.

My understanding is that 443 handles about everything. The path on the url is examined and a re-director sends the message to the proper application ; groovView in this case ; nodered in this case

So even though Nodered would normally be port 1880, Epic internally (sort of) port-forwards the message.

Thanks! I don’t use Node-Red in this app so not an issue.

2001 supports TCP too.