EPIC PR1 and EB2

I have a question about EPIC PR1 :
How many EB2 modules can EPIC PR1 managment with PAC Control software ?

Hi Welcome to the Forums Jose.

Lots. There is no programmed limit to the number of IP addresses that the EPIC PR1 can talk to… So how many were you thinking you would need?

Hi Beno
Initially 8 and in the future they reach 50
Thank for your response

50 is a lot to manage on one EPIC, and there are some variables to consider…

How often are you polling them? ie. seconds or minutes?
How much information are you exchanging with each EB2?
What sort of IO online manager are you thinking of using?
Is its it a gradual roll out so you can plan and load test your strategy?
Are you planing on using one chart per EB2 (parallel) or you going to poll them on a round robin (serial)?
Are they all on the same local area network, or are some on remote sites (connected via VPN for example)?

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