Epic PR1 5" Main Touchscreen - Touch not working

Good-day all,

Needed a little guidance.

Busy setting up a new PR1, upon initial setup I noticed I was unable to start the setup by using the touchscreen.

Proceeded to access the unit via the browser, unit had version 3.0.0 on it, upgraded it to latest with ignition 8 and activated it.

Once unit had restarted I attempted to log in using the touch screen, this proved unsuccessful again. When clicking on the username block there was no response.

Returned to the browser, activated the pointer and thereafter plugged a mouse into the USB. With the mouse I was able to navigate using the 7" screen.

I then proceeded to attempt to try and calibrate the screen. Managed to proceed past the, initiation touch step, but noticed when trying to push on the crosshair in the top left corner the pointer would remain approximately 40mm below where I was touching. No matter what I tried it would not come closer with the calibration process ultimately failing.

Tried the same steps above with the HDMI disabled to get the same result. Restarted the unit several times while trying various steps.

I have to *.mp4 videos of the problem, if needed I can forward them. The upload facility will not allow me to upload that format onto the forum…

If I could receive some suggestion on how and if this can be resolved.


Sounds like the 7 inch touch screen is faulty. I have seen touch screens that the touch overlay is out of alignment with the video screen. This could explain the 40mm offset.
Are you able to swap it and try another?

Will have a look, have another 2 x PR1’s with me for other projects

Swapping the PR1 will not make a difference, its the external 7 inch touch screen that is the issue I suspect.

Thanks Beno, understood it that way.

My intention was to assess what is involved to swop out the touchscreen from another unit to accurately diagnose the fault.

I agree with your initial evaluation in that there is a misalignment.

I think Beno thinks you are using an external touch screen, but I suspect you are talking about the PR1s built-in screen - yes?

Wait… you mean the 5inch built in, and not a 7 inch external?

I am confused…

Hi Phillip, yes, my bad. I am talking about the display on the PR1

Sorry Beno,

Figured we were talking about the same thing in the initial chat. I am talking, about the display mounted on the Epic PR1. Entirely my bad, not even sure where I came up with that size, late night.

Size as you highlighted above