Epic PR-1 (no I/O) with Snap EB1 remotes comm loss

I have a small development system with 1 PR-1 (no I/O) and 3 EB1 I/O racks. All device ethernet connections are home runs to the network switch. In testing, if I disconnect one rack comm is lost to all racks and PR-1.

Re-connection starts all comm.

Have I missed something in the PR-1 configuration?

Any suggestions would be appreciated,


Hi Sheldon, welcome to the forums.

Are you using PAC Control, Codesys, Node-RED or something like Python?
Just wondering where you are seeing the communications status of all the EBs.

Hi Beno,

I am using PacControl 10.4 and viewing the I/O units in debug. Our Ignition front end gets no comm from the Epic.

The PR1 is just like a SNAP controller, so there is nothing ‘special’ or different that needs to be done in PAC Control.
Each EB has a unique fixed IP address, the PR1 can have a fixed or DHCP IP address.
Each EB is configured in PAC Control with their IP address and whatever I/O modules are required.
Sounds like each EB is then wired back to a switch and the EB is also connected to that switch?
I wonder if you are using both Ethernet ports on the EB or if you are using Wifi or VPN? (Just wondering if there might be more than 1 gateway or subnet at play here).

What firmware version is the PR1 running?

Each EB has a static IP address and so does the PR1. All devices have only one ethernet port connected and an independent run to the network switch. No wifi, no VPN in a closed cell control network.

The PR-1 is at firmware 3.2.0-b.44 and the EBs are at 10.4c.

Just fyi - There is a redundant Snap S1 controller pair running on the same network, accessing different racks, all static IPs. Using a similar test only the rack that is disconnected goes offline and restarts when prompted to by the strategy.


Sounds like an Opto22 support issue.
Please reach out to them and they will work with you get up and running.

Thanks for your time Ben.