EPIC PR-1 friendly HMI terminals?

I haven’t usued any HMI terminal with the EPIC PR-1 yet, any advice? thinking in between Maple or Weintek, BTW still have one G75 running flawless with PAC in a old project, amazing!

There have been some issues with some units starting up too early (or was it too late) for the EPIC to see the device, that’s about the only problem we’ve come across. There is a thread about it on here.

Other than that we have had great success with numerous terminals

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This could be solved with a time delay relay either way, I imagine.

Why use a terminal? Why not just a EloTouch screen?

Hi, need something IP65, no bigger then 12 inches and no additional pc/pi.
A tablet will also do the job and there is many industrial ones but not easy to mount on a flush panel and keep it powered all time (connectors on back).

Well I get that if you’re not going to use Groov, and although I’m not a big fan of groov early on, a number of people seem to think it is much improved. Frankly, for large projects it doesn’t make sense, but for anything you can do on a terminal…it’s a no brainer.
Elo makes 12" touch screens, not sure if they make it in the same capacitive format as the larger screens, but frankly, I always use the 22" (or 24") screens because they cost about the same as the 12".
When I refer to the format, I am speaking about the projected capacitive touch. They have gorilla glass that goes all the way out, with nothing on the outside edge except glass. As a result, I “glue” the face to the inside of the panel door with flex seal. They have at least a half inch of seal area available without encroaching on the display/touch area. This makes the touch screen exceed whatever the rating the panel you place it in. Nema 4, Nema 6… Also, no screws to leak or drill hoes for, etc. Never had one even think about coming off.
Compared to using an Opto Terminal or any of the other terminals out there, groov/Elo is way better.
I just had one of these fail after 10+ years. I shipped the customer a newer model that was an exact replacement drop in.
On the other hand, if you really like OptoTerminals, I still have 2 new units in stock…

I have used Elo too a while ago and I know they are very good quality, what you have done seems a good proven solution. I think an Elo touch and a pi will make a good combo.
I will re think this whole thing and consider a larger screen mounted in the wall. I always prefer groov, simple, no extra programming or dealing with that delay issue, it was the customer who wanted a small screen.
Thanks for your advice! Greatly appreciated here.

Another tip related to the cap touch, is cutting the hole. I often do it with a Dewalt saber (the good batt type) and it can do a very good job along with a file and Emory. Use automotive trim to cap it. However, the “factory” method is having a good laser fabrication shop available. The problem is, they typically are too busy to do just one, but I have used this method before, and the finish of the edge was so perfect, you don’t need to do anything to it. This method looks perfect when done.

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Cutting will not be a problem because it needs to be fiber panel, not metal, car trim seems good option for capping it, thanks!

Barret, it’s been some time, this info may be useful, this works great with Groov view.
I found a couple of Elo TouchSystems I-Series Android E611296 (15 inches tablets) full HD with vesa mount, ethernet, they work great.
Also a customer renewing equipment gave me 10 “J2 225 Nino POS Touch Terminals” some running win10 enterprice and others win 10 IOT, they work very well, front is IP65, they are inexpensive on ebay, I just removed the credit card reader, they have serial ports and ethernet, also usb if you need to add wifi, works with AC and 12 volts.