EPIC lost communication / won't turn back on

Tried turning on one of our EPICs after a period of being powered down… all modules are red, the power is red, but no indicator on the status, and the touchscreen will not turn on. It was reset with a paperclip but still all red, and it’s been left in that state for a while but no changes.

Section 3 of the EPIC manual says the red on the power LED indicates it’s resetting, but it seems stuck in the reset? It never turns green! And the Status LED doesn’t go green nor red. And there wasn’t anything to go off of in the troubleshooting section 19 either…

Is there a fix?

Best head over to our support team for this one.
It seems to be a power issue to me. I’d pop all the modules and try just powering the PRx with out the load of the modules on the PSU, but I don’t want to suggest that and waste your time if our support team has some better advice.