EPIC Load Cell Input

Is there a timeline on when or if load cell input modules will become available for the EPIC platform?

I checked in with the Engineering group and yup, its well and truly on the roadmap.

Sorry we cant give you an ETA just yet (its a bit too soon), but we are wondering how many channels of how many wire load cells are you looking for in each module?

I don’t have an immediate need but we have many batching systems that use AILC modules. These are typically multi-scale (most 2 channel, some 4 or more), 6-wire systems. I think a dual-channel 6-wire module would be very useful to have.
You’ll always want 6-wires as most of these will actually connect to a multi-cell scale. The scale can be remote so you’ll want sense wires in the cable coming back to the module.

Have you used them with SNAP-PAC in the past?

We have many SNAP-PAC systems with AILC modules. I know we can interface a SNAP-PAC with the EPIC, I was just wondering if the EPIC platform was going to get it’s own version of the AILC.

Thanks for getting back to us. It’s really helpful to know whats worked in the past and what our customers are looking for.