EPIC Ignition OPC-UA-Server


I have an application in EPIC Ignition Edge OPC-UA Server.
Basically, the application is let other OPC-UA Client software to get data from EPIC Ignition Edge OPC-UA Server.
From the Ignition Edge OPC-UA setting, there can’t set the endpoint address, and the default is
Does it mean this OPC-UA server can be connected by local only(such like the groov view and node-red in this EPIC) ?
Thank you very much for your help.

Inductive Automation make it pretty clear that EDGE OPCUA is a client only, not a server;

So yes, as you state, the EDGE OPCUA ‘server’ is built to only accept localhost connections.

EDIT. Look at Node-RED to share your data?

Hi Beno,

So this “OPC-UA Server” is not a really server.
It will let user confused, why it called server but act only as client.
Anyway, I’ll try Codesys.
Thanks for your help.

Hi Edmund,

It is disappointing, but true, Ignition Edge is a OPC-UA server but only Node-red and Groov View can connect to. External device cannot connect to internal Ignition Edge OPC-UA.

But if you use this node: node-red-contrib-iiot-opcua
I use this node as OPC-UA client.
But also, there is a feature to make it a OPC-UA server, which I have not tried.

Please share if you successful make node-red as OPC-UA server.

Ignition Node:


Quick update on this topic.
@Edmund (and others)

With groov EPIC firmware 1.4.0 or better, you now have the option to run full Ignition on EPIC.
This means you can now have a full OPC-UA server on EPIC and accept external connections.

You can read more about it in my blog here;