EPIC hostname change issue

I updated the Groov EPIC host name from the factory default to a simple name. When the name was applied I am not able to get to it via the browser. I have to use the IP address. Does anyone know what might be going on or how to fix this? I cleared all browser cache.

Is a Linux sane host-name, no spaces or special characters?
We do this at Opto all the time and I know a lot of customers do it. So its just a case of if there is either something wrong with the host name or something very special about your network setup. (Your IT guys might be helpful to ask).

Hi Ben, I have it connected to a port on my router. Nothing special is configured on my network that I know of and the name has no special characters and no spaces.

Hmm, Ok, so looking at the hostname in groov Manage via your eyes, it sounds like its Ok.
Do you have a static or dynamic IP in the EPIC?
Lastly, when you had the default host name of opto-xx-xx-xx, did you see that in your router? In other words, has the router accepted the new host name and linked the EPICs IP address to the new host name? Some routers have an odd way of holding onto host name to IP relationships.