EPIC and RIO with Pac control

If I have an EPIC running PAC control and RIO as a remote unit:
and If I lose the ethernet link and then recover, what happens to the communication from the EPIC (PAC control), does it recover automatically?
Can the USB-serial of the RIO module be reached from PAC control?
Can a RIO module store persistent variables in any file in its memory?

Just a like a PAC, there is no auto reconnect logic built in.
You will need to use something like the IO chart enabler (or write your own version of it).

No, the USB to serial adapter can not be addressed directly from PAC Control. You will need to use Node-RED to get the serial data and send it to the PAC Control nodes.

Yes. You can store data in its power safe memory or USB stick.

Thank you Beno for your prompt response.