Encountered an Improper Argument

Greetings, when I tried to create a new numeric variable, I will get an error message ’ Encountered an Improper Argument’ pop out’ in pac control. However, the variable still can be created and doesn’t now effect the running program currently. May I know the reason for the error message coming out and does any solution to avoid it?
The program used is pac control professional version r10.3d.
Thanks in advance.

This is a pretty rare error.
It usually comes about when you have more than one version of PAC Control installed on your computer.
You could contact our support team and they can help untangle things, or try and reinstall your current version of PAC Control.
(Or back up your strategies and uninstall ALL versions of PAC Control and PAC Project and then install the latest version once).

I found that the error message was due to this bunch of chinese word inside the opto script block where this block was duplicate from the modbus integration kit for pac control. After remove all these chinese words, the error message is not show out when create new variable. Just curious, even these words had being commented, it still will bring effect to these error to happen.

Interesting. Hundreds of people have used that kit and never had this issue.
Thanks for letting us know.