Email settings Groov EPIC PR1

Hi, I am having a hard time setting email smtp server and ports (groov configure/project settings/email settings), I tried different valid servers with the right security including gmail and I keep getting this error when testing (Couldn’t find an internet address for Double check to make sure you’ve entered the correct SMTP hostname.) (this shows gmail, several others tried)

Does any one had this issue? groov version R4.1d (r55038) running on epic pr1.

Sounds like a gatway/DNS issue.
If you are using a fixed IP address for its address, you need to use fixed IP addresses for both the gateway and the DNS server (fixed in EPIC firmware 1.4.2).
Also, if you are running 1.4.2 there are now some network tools you can use to check your connectivity and access to remote sites.

Bottom line, I doubt, with that error, that the problem is in groov, but more likely your network settings.

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Thanks, problem solved, well it was the gateway setting that was “optional” , the Epic had a fixed IP and DNS, yet the gateway wasn’t properly set.
Thanks for your help!