Email Node - Email not being sent

HI Guys,

I have 3 Groov Epics setup with an email, using Node Red to send out by email some information to certain users.

I had been using this setup with one System, but once i added a second one and later on a third, i haven’t been receiving the emails regularly. I am using the same email address for all three of them.

Have you guys seen this before? The only thing that i might think is causing the problem is conflict from having three different sources using the email.

Hope all is well, cheers.

Are you using Gmail? If so, do you have an application-specific password setup?

I suspect you are correct, the first one gmail was Ok with, but once you added the other it sees the email coming from three different machines and is not happy.
You should not have to make three app specific passwords, but you will need to set that feature up.

thanks Beno!

Ill give it try, thank you!

HI Guys,

Wanted to close the loop on this. Had to create seperate emails and passwords to address it. Worked like a charm. thanks Guys