Email -70 result

Just thought I’d give anyone using the SendEmail command a quick heads-up on something I just learned…

I’m using the SendEmail command without a fixed recipient in my script. Without going into details, I’m creating entries in my “Recipients” string table by compiling a few different string variable and string table references to form a complete address.

I found out the hard way today that if those string variable/table references are not populated correctly, the resulting “Recipients” table may come up incomplete or blank (basically the “Send To:” portion of your email message is blank) and the email result error is “-70”. I scratched my head for a while and read through the manuals but found nothing (-70 is not given as one of the error codes in the manual). Bottom line… if you’re getting a -70 error, check to make sure that your recipients table is populated correctly!

If you grab the latest PAC Project release, they have added some missing error codes. However, -70 reports only “Not enough data supplied.” which, frankly, deserves its own -70 error, perhaps resulting in an endless loop. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip.


Hi Arlin,

Sorry you had trouble with the error code. I know we missed a few on the initial release of 9.1, but we’ve been catching up. I just loaded the latest PAC Control and found the on-line help for the command “Send Email” does include this:

-70 = Not enough data supplied. [B]Check Server Information table elements.[/B]

The on-line help for the command usually has the best chance of providing a clue, especially since we sometimes re-use similar errors for different commands.

I will also make a note of that when I update the Samples & Freeware download (the sample email chart). I’ll add a request that we include more info in form 1700 as well.