Edit Tags/Attributes outside of PAC Display Configurator

Is there a way to edit multiple dynamic attributes for graphics in a PAC Display project outside of using the popup window for “Graphic Dynamic Attributes”?
I have seen similar threads where some users have made clever use of the “CLI” tool to add/modify variables in bulk for PAC Control strategies in order to reduce tedious and time consuming data entry but I have not found equivalent info for editing bulk graphic tags in Display.
As an example, one of my PAC Display projects has a small window which has 4 separate int32 tables of length 60. I have a text object for each index of each table and each text object has a “Send Value” and a “Text In From Control Engine” attribute. The only difference across all the graphics for a particular table is the index value/element. Once all these text objects have been laid out on the page it is an extremely tedious process to go into the Dynamic Attribute popup mindlessly mouse clicking to change the table index for 2 attributes each for 240 separate text objects. Is there any tool that can look at the specific window file (eg: “Example_Window.W0020”) or a way in which direct editing of the tagInfo4.txt can then be re-imported after typed changes are made?
Surely there is a way to edit these incrementing index values (say easily in excel or text file) then re-import and have the graphics all take on the new values?!?
Thanks in advance

There is no command line interface for PAC Display, also we 10,000 % DO NOT suggest that the .wxxx files be handed edited in any way shape or form.

For your needs (I have been there done that almost got carpel tunnel doing it) I highly recommend something like AutoHotKey. I and others have used it to great success on any of the PAC Project parts.
It has a macro learn mode, so you just teach it once what it has to move to, click on etc and let it rip.

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The Replace dialog has the ability to specify a Table Index, so you can select all the elements that should have the same index and change them in one go. Should save a little bit of time.

This helps too:

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Thanks Ben. That’s a great idea.

Edit: Just finished editing all the tags in record time. Scripting the whole thing in AutoHotKey works a treat. Can highly recommend using this method to anyone needing to modify lots of tags for lots of graphics and those who wish not to die of a combination of carpal tunnel and extreme boredom.
Each of the 240 graphics I have just edited took pressing 4 keys each (including adding a unique index for each item) as opposed to a whole bunch of mouse traversal about the Graphic Dynamic Attributes window and a combination of 20+ clicks and key presses per graphic.
This is going to save me an insane amount of time from now on: Thank You!

Thanks Philip. This technique will actually work well with another tedious thing I am working on. Cheers