Economical Monitor that works with Pac Display

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I’m trying to find an economical monitor for my customer that would run PAC display. Does anyone have any suggestions?



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Need just a little more info here… Pac Display can run on just about any modern PC and monitor, so there should be no worries about selecting a specific monitor just for Pac Display… The only thing you have to watch out for is if you have an existing Display project and want to run that on the new PC. Windows DLL’s do not let PAC Display resize its windows to just any screen resolution, so if you have an existing project built for a specific monitor resolution, you should aim to get that size or bigger to save yourself the work of manually resizing the elements on each window.

Other than that, pick a solid PC and you are good to go (unless I am miss reading your post).

What do consider economical? Do you want touch capability? Elo touchscreens are nice, and can be paired with a small fanless PC to run PAC Display. A 17-19" screen runs around $500-$600. I like the Intellitouch type screens, and found the Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR) type to be unusable in an manufacturing environment.

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for your support. I really get a sense of community from OPTO 22 and posting things on here. We got it all figured out. Thanks for all the info!

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Thanks you for the info, I’ll keep it in mind.

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Thank you for your insight. Unfortunately I was a little late in looking at my post again. That info helps a lot.