EB1 missing Ethernet2

I went to go configure Ethernet2 and found it is missing from the list in Pac Manager Status Read. Any hints? Can ETH2 be disabled?

My current firmware is listed below. I’m getting ready to load the latest firmware to see if that does anything.

0xFFFF F030 0018 Loader Version R1.0d
0xFFFF F030 0000 Memory Map Version 1
0xFFFF F030 0230 Current Boot Device Flash Memory
0xFFFF F030 001C Firmware Version R9.2a
0xFFFF F030 00A0 Firmware Version Date 01/24/2012
0xFFFF F030 00B0 Firmware Version Time 10:56:02

The EB’s are a two port switch.
So there is no IP address for the second port, it just passes through any traffic.
They were built this way to allow them to daisy chain together very easily and cheaply.
Take a look at page 10; http://documents.opto22.com/1689_SNAP_PAC_Brains_Data_Sheet.pdf

Ah Ha. I did not know that. Thank you Ben. I just assumed it was similar to the Ethernet controllers.