EB1 brain data output rate

We are building a machine identical to one we built several years ago, but for some reason I’m only receiving data into my Labview program at a very slow rate (3 Hz), thereby making my graphs choppy. My previous machine with identical Opto22 hardware responds to the 10 ms update rate that I ask for in my data sockets (Opto OPC Server).
I’ve installed the latest firmware, PAC Manager, OPC Server, etc. to no avail. We even replaced the brain since we have a brand new one for a different machine but I still get the same rate (0.333 ms). We’ve ruled out Labview by using the previous machines program written in an earlier version on the same laptop that was used for development.
Is there some setting I’m missing?? Thanks for any clues!

You might like to email support@opto22 with this issue, it might be something they can help with.

It also might be worth checking your Ethernet errors and I/O scanner times in PAC Manager, see if there is anything unusual (as there is in this case with the ‘other’ errors);

Yes, I was going to email them today. I checked the errors, all are at zero and the scan rate is about 50 ms, I have probably 12 analog channels. I just can’t figure out why it worked faster on the other machine and not this one!

Well, dumb me…on our original machine we used an AIV-4 analog input module, data “freshness” rate is 46 ms, whereas on this machine it’s an AIV-8 modules, rate is 0.280 sec. I ended up going back to my old laptop, found an email from same customer that used to use OPTO22 that contained the information. I thought I had all my old emails on my new computer but they all didn’t transfer.
Lots of heartache, simple solution…

Opps… Yeah. Ok, that would be it then… Thanks for getting back to us and letting us know the outcome.