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Good day,

We are a fairly large company with many field techs. Our strategies are all written in PAC Control Pro but we only have one copy of the software. Is there a way to install a strategy from the basic version (I get the error telling me I can’t open a pro in basic)? Ideally we would like to have a cost effective (free) way for our field guys to push updates without having to rely on the one computer with pro installed.

Please forgive me if this is answered elsewhere but I couldn’t find in the forums anywhere.


Hi Travis,

You have a few options for updating a strategy (which we actually call a “download”), depending on what hardware you have in the field and how it’s networked.

  1. If you have, say, a relatively new SNAP-PAC-R1 you could skip the computer/software and just have the field guy install a pre-loaded microSD card directly into the PAC.
  2. Skip the field guy and push the update from mission control directly (our customers with multiple, identical PACs/systems sometimes do this to roll out new logic to a bunch of PACs at once).
  3. Perhaps in combo w/2, because you can do this via a batch file, just use the PAC Terminal command-line option described in the link below.

Hoping one of those is what you have in mind?

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Perfect thanks,

In option 1 can the SD card be removed afterward to use on future controllers? Option 2 would not work for us unfortunately as we are not connected to the entire fleet from a remote location. I will take a look at option 3 as well.

Your help is appreciated.

Is PAC Terminal an option for strategy download? Seems like the option is there - I’ve never used it.

I did play with the PAC Terminal and managed to push the strategy but it did not function correctly afterward.