Dynamically Set Table Length

Can you dynamically set a table length?

Hello Robertson, welcome to the OptoForums!

[B]Short answer: no.

Longer answer:[/B]
A few things to consider…

There is a command (in the “miscellaneous” category) called: “Get Length of Table” which I strongly recommend you use, so if you do decide to change the length of your table, you only have to change the table itself. All the other logic/code which references that table should then use the variable your logic filled in using that command, perhaps early on in your Powerup chart.

Also, don’t be afraid to make the table as big as you think you’ll ever need. If you’re worried about running out of memory, check out [U][B]this handy doc, form 1646,[/B][/U] which details how much you have on each type of PAC.

You may also be interested in [U][B]this post with tricks for initializing tables[/B][/U], and perhaps this post on [URL=“http://www.opto22.com/community/showthread.php?t=669”][U][B]why tables[/B][/U] are good to use, although it sounds like you’re passed that point…

I hope that helps!