Dynamic attribute send value dialog box


There is a “prompted data” section in dynamic attribute send value (Float) dialog box (PAC display configurator professional ) that let’s you set minimum and maximum value the entered data should be in. Is there a way to dynamically change/control the minimum/maximum value from PAC strategy.

For e.g. in PAC strategy IF variable 1 is true, THEN minimum value is 15 ELSE minimum value is 5.

If it’s not possible, only other alternative I can think of is two use separate dialog boxes with different minimum value set.

For e.g. in PAC strategy IF variable 1 is true, THEN dialog box 1 is visible with minimum value of 15 ELSE dialog box 2 would be visible with minimum value of 5.

Any pointers in the right direction will be highly appreciated!

P.S :
We are using-
PAC display configurator professional R9.6g
PAC control professional R9.6e

I cant think of way to do what you need other than your idea.
You could get creative with invisibility connected to the same tag so the user would be none wiser about which one to pick, they would just have the correct limit in the box when it’s opened.

If you get a chance, pop back and let us know how it works for you.

Unfortunately Dynamic Attributes on send value dialog box is the sort of thing that is available in more powerful SCADA software, usually accompanied by a scripting language and a price tag, but its just not possible with the Send Dialog Box function in PAC Display.

Appreciating its not the best solution, but a possible solution is to forget about using the “prompted data” dialog box to indicate the entry limits and to create an intermediate popup window to show the send value with the dynamic min/max limits of data entry, (which are now controller variables). Something like the following:


Validity checking now needs to be done at the controller level, using the instruction “Clamp Float Variable” in a chart with a 1 second update. Something like the following:

Clamping Variable

Its not perfect, but as Voltaire said “Perfect is the enemy of good” :slightly_smiling_face: