Drawing Tools in Groov

From what I can tell there are no drawing tools in Groov. So if I want to draw a box around a group of gadgets, how would I do that? I don’t want to use a Group Header gadget because I don’t want the header and a Line Header gadget just gives me a line and a label.

Also it would be nice to be able to group gadgets so they could more easily moved around.

Finally, while I’m at it, how about an Undo feature. Accidentally deleting 50 gadgets is no fun.

Any plans for these?

For a quick alternative, you could go to groov.com and click on “SVG Image Library”. There you can create your own “Buttons”, but that can easily be a frame instead. You can make a rectangle or rounded rectangle frame. Looks like you can’t make an empty frame (button). So you’ll have to match your background color of your groov page. If you need an empty frame, you could make it in CAD or Inkscape fairly easy. Otherwise, if you know what color of frame you want I could make you one if you’re in a bind.

Thanks for the offer! I think I’m good for now. They would really be just an enhancement to my existing pages. Since it’s for a customer’s project, I suspect they can live without it.

But thanks for the quick response. I appreciate it.