Does OPTO 22 supports OPC UA

Dear Opto 22 team,

We are a partner of OPTO22, We are looking for some information related to OPTO 22 OPC UA . Kindly provide the details of Maximum number of Tags and Clients can be connected to groov EPIC system.

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Welcome to the OptoForums, Lokesh!

I guess your are asking about the integrated OPC-UA Server as part of the DataServices configuration, and getting access to the OptoMMP or PAC Control Tags.

Are you asking because you have a specific number of Tags or Clients you want to connect?
Are you running into performance issues?

In Theory there is no limitation, but it is always depending on what else you are doing on the groov EPIC System.

Hi Lokesh,

I have programmed several instances of OPC UA on Opto22, both Ignition-based, native, and CoDeSys-based. As @gerhardK said, there isn’t a limitation to tags -I have facilities with over 1500 tags and no issues. If you could provide more details, we could give more specific answers for your application.


Could you please answer the questions in terms of resource limitations for a GRV-EPIC-PR1. Total OPC UA tags supported. How many OPC-UA TCP socket connections and how many OPC UA subscriptions per connection.

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Keep in mind that the EPIC is an edge device… Can you flesh out your application a little so we can assist… Its almost impossible to give blind hard numbers with no context.


A typical install will have 4 client connections, 10 subscriptions per client connection. About 2k OPC UA tags at 1 sec sample interval with a publish rate of 2 sec.