Does Groov support sound alarm?

Hello everyone, I’m sorry, a lot of problems.
Groov can support up to several IP cameras? A few camera controls appropriate for a page?
Does Groov support sound alarm? Like Display’s sound alarm function, what is the way to achieve sound alarm?
My first groov application with a IP camera will begin,
Wish me luck!

groov can support many video cameras on the one page. Just be sure and use sensible refresh rates.
Also, it might help if the refresh rates are different. (Hint, try and use prime numbers for the refresh rate for each camera so they do not all try and update at the same time).

No, groov does not support sound at this time.
You could set up a notification so that the user gets an email. Your phone or computer could be set to make a sound when an email comes in… Just a thought.

Ben - With regard to triggering a sound on the mobile device: I had a customer inquiry for this as well, though one of our international distributors. His suggestion was to achieve this through the groov APP (iOS and Android)…not through groov itself. Just as other apps like WhatsAPP, FB, Twitter etc. can trigger the phone’s sounds for alerts. Thoughts?

When a fault occurs, it is efficient and quick to produce sound alarm on mobile phones.

Hi Arun,

This is a very good idea. With Node Red we can create a series of alarms and it would be nice to be able to give the user some audible feedback. Perhaps also have the option to upload a *.wav file or something similar to the GROOV system to play upon alarm.

Just to be clear… This sound-when-alert feature we are talking about is not a limitation with groov, but with the web browsers.
In the mean time, the work around is simple, have groov send an email when the event happens and set the email to sound the alert tone/music/alarm you are wanting.

This is not a modern web browser limitation.

Philip, thanks for the link. I think that confirms what I recall from the last time we looked into it. For this ‘command’ to work, the browser tab must have the focus?
This is what has held us up, the users require groov to make a sound when the browser does not have the focus.
At the moment, there is no command or mode or method for a browser tab to initiate a sound when it is not front and center?

EDIT. @Arun keep in mind that even on iOS and Android, groov is not an app, but simply a full screen wrapper for the web browser. Thus the alarm sound issue is the same on a mobile device as on a PC.

Hi there, any development on a sound alarm being configured in groov? I am currently doing a project for Health and Safety at a brewery and an audible alarm is one of the main requirements. I kinda sold it that way forgetting it was not possible.

Instead of sending a mail, can Node Red not trigger a sound when I trigger an output?

Sure, I don’t see why you couldn’t have an audible annuciator connected to an output. Is that what you are talking about?

Hmm, not really what I’m referring to but that’s the way I’m going to have to go, my client requires an audible alarm to sound once I trigger one of my modbus outputs.
Their operator is watching a monitor with groov app loaded via android, so I cannot really launch any audio apps to play a .wav or something.

Would be great if groov event alarms could be setup and we could upload our own audio file to the AR1 or pull one off the PC