DNP3 Configuration for OPTO 22 (S2 and R2) with Schneider Elecetric - ClearSCADA

Hello Everyone.

I’m having trouble configuring the DNP3 integration kit for the OPTO 22 (using a SNAP-PAC-S2-W and a SNAP-PAC-R2). I’m working with the chart for the Outstation protocol. The ClearSCADA is the Master. I was able to start the initial communication with the following settings:

//Load only the controller running the DNP3 Charts
poPAC_DNP_Controller_SNAP_PAC_R2 = &SNAP_R2_8E78;//Load Pointer, This is the Controler With The DNP3 Charts
nDNP_Outstation_Address = 20;//Set Outstation Address;
nDNP_Self_Address_Feature = 0;//0 = Disable   1 = Use Address 0xFFFC
//Confiure how AllStationMessageRecived state is cleared for address 0xFFFF
nDNP_FFFF_All_Call_Condition_For_Clear = 0;//0 = Clear bit after sending first response,   1 = Clear bit after receiving master's App Layer Confirm
//Select IP Network or Serial per master connection
//4 Master Stations max
//Communication Mode
//0 = Ethernet communication  1 = Serial communication
ntDNP_Serial_Enabled[0] = 0;
ntDNP_Serial_Enabled[1] = 0;
ntDNP_Serial_Enabled[2] = 0;

SetCommunicationHandleValue("tcp:", chMaster_Active_Open_Index_0);
SetCommunicationHandleValue("tcp:", chMaster_Active_Open_Index_1);
SetCommunicationHandleValue("tcp:", chMaster_Active_Open_Index_2);

//Listen for Master to open session
//This is not used for serial communications.
SetCommunicationHandleValue("tcp:20000", chMaster_Listen_Index_0);
SetCommunicationHandleValue("tcp:20001", chMaster_Listen_Index_1);
SetCommunicationHandleValue("tcp:20002", chMaster_Listen_Index_2);
//Used To Validate Connection
ntDNP_Master_DNP_Address[0] = 0;//This is the source address from master ntDNP_Master_DNP_Address[1] = 1;//This is the source address from master ntDNP_Master_DNP_Address[2] = 1;//This is the source address from master 

I’m working the DNP3 over an Ethernet TCP/IP network, using both ethernet ports. The ClearSCADA was able to stablish communication with the OPTO22, but there are errors with Clock, and Unsolicited Messages. I can’t seem to activate them. Auto_Events was left with the initial configuration, but changing the inputs and outputs to the ones installed on the SNAP-PAC-R2. I recently worked with the Modbus Integration Kit, also over Ethernet TCP/IP and I was able to change data directly on the tables which changed on the SCADA’s database. I tried doing the same with DNP3 tables that were configured but no data would in the ClearSCADA database.

Is there something I’m missing?

As for the configuration of the ClearSCADA, the only configuration needed was the following:

  • IP of the Outstation.
  • Port Number.
  • Polling Class Activation (Class 0,1,2 & 3).
  • DNP 3 Outstation Address
  • DNP 3 Master Address
It was a fast and simple setup. So I don't the problem is there.

Thank you in advance.

DNP3 is has many setup parameters
I can help you troubleshoot the problem.
Please send me a private message so we can arrange something.

Terry McCulloh
Opto 22


Could I contact you through Skype? I live in Venezuela (South America), and don’t have access to a phone for an international call at the moment. Or maybe Google Chat?

Thanks in advance!