Displaying alarms in PacDisplay

I hope there is a simple solution and I am overlooking it due to the lack of sleep but here goes.

I have all of my alarm points and messages built into my charts for Pac control. Is there a way to have them show up in the alarm window I put in Pac Display or do I have to define them again?

Also, every time the alarm chart cycles, it adds another entry to the error log for that particular alarm. Is there a way to keep multiple instances of the same active alarm from showing up in Pac Display?

Hi Ya drumz2129,

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There is no way to import alarms into PAC Display from PAC Control because every variable or point can be setup to alarm, there is no way for PAC Display to know which points you want to do what in the alarm config.
That said…
You can build one alarm and get it working how you want, then once its all good, just duplicate it and change the tag. Pretty quick.

You can set up hysteresis on each alarm point, so as long as it does not change more than the amount you set up, it will not re-alarm.

Both of these options are in PAC Display Configurator under the Configure -> Alarm Points.