Display data from the server SQL database?

Excuse me, can PACDISPLAY display data from the server SQL database? I know that using Datalink is a way to do it, and whether there are other direct methods? Do not pass the controller. thank you!

PAC Display can log information to your ODBC database, see [U][B]this Tech Tip re: PAC Display Pro 9.4[/B][/U].

But I think you’re asking about going the other way, with PAC Display pulling information from the database?

Can you tell us more about what you have in mind? I’m not sure what you mean by “Do not pass the controller”?
Are you saying you want to skip the controller, no PAC involved here?

FYI - since PAC Display is an OPC-DA client, you could use other middleware like an OPC Server/communications platform that supports SQL. But I’d really like to understand your “big picture” here?

“Do not pass the controller”?It means PACDISPLAY direct reading and writing database.