Display configurator wont connect

We had a pc fail that was controlling our Opto displays which showed each of our HMI computers. We reimaged a new pc, loaded opto 22 and the display strategy, configured the control engines and specified the same Remote OPC server. Now when we load the display strategy it just freezes. We had a similar issue years ago with this PC’s predecessor that I think was some setting in the Com settings that had to be configured.

We have another machine running that we tried to match every setting but we are missing something. There is no firewall enabled. Can anybody give me some things to check?

we are opto 9.6 by the way.

Is it freezing as in the application locks up or just the tags are stuck?

If the latter, then do the following in Windows:

Windows Security
App & Browser Control
Exploit Protection Settings
Program Settings
Add an exception for program name DisplayR.pro.exe
Set overide to off on “Randomize memory allocation (Bottom-up ASLR)”

Or DisplayR.basic.exe if you are using Basic.

Thanks it looks like the tags are stuck. I am using a later version of windows 10. So I will give this a shot.