Display Basic - Fixed/Static-Time Trend?


On a 50 hour test I run in my Opto-controlled test cell, I’m interested in graphically preserving “chunks” of time on the GUI while the test is in-progress.

I currently have a trend that plots 3 temperature sensors over an hour window.

What I’d love to do is have a window that only shows the first, say, 30 minutes of the test, and another that shows only minutes 30 through 90.

Any suggestions? I see there are ways to disable trends (ie: stop them from recording), but they appear to be windows/focus-based and not something I can switch on/off at-will.


Sounds like you are using PAC Display. I would look at storing your 30-90 minute trend data into a table in PAC Control, and then plotting this in PAC Display with the XY Plot.


Thanks Philip! Sounds like a good excuse to start fiddling with tables


You’re welcome, let us know if you need any help.


Something I wasn’t able to discern from the materials:

Does an XY plot continually scan the tables for changes? If not, is there a way to trigger a “re-draw”?


There is a refresh time when you select the tag just like other PAC Display tools.


Ah, I wasn’t looking for it at that level, thought it was maybe at the object (XY Plot) level and I was missing it