Display 9.5 Runtime crashes when closing

Anyone else have this issue? I just upped our projects to 9.5 and all is well…except when you close the runtime…unhandled exception. I am running 64 bit Windows 10. Hoping to release this update to our clients, but hate to do it with that crash. I loaded 9.5d…and added the Display Basic patch 9.5e. Any and all thoughts are appreciated!

Do you have runtime in the data execution prevention list? The post below refers to configurator, but applies to runtime as well.


Also, does your project crash on other machines, or just one? My machine hates PAC display (9.4 in particular) and crashes all the time, but I run it on other machines without issues.

Anyways, I would send an e-mail to support so they can investigate as well - if they find a fix, that helps everyone out.

I also make a copy of the project and start removing things like alarms/super trends/historical logs and then display windows until it doesn’t crash anymore, then I kind of know what area is causing it and that will help support figure it out. Also, see if there is a difference if you start runtime from configurator vs loading runtime direct.

Good luck, be patient and stay on top of support until you get a fix - they like that :wink:

Here is a batch script and folder structure I use when I am trying out beta executables. As sometimes the versions you download from the ftp site introduce new bugs and you want to be able to go back.

You will need to update the paths in the batch files to where you store them and to the correct display version that you are running. I “pin to start” the shortcuts and set them to run as administrator. Makes switching between beta and “stable” easy.

Copy the the “stable” executables into the Stable folder and the Beta into the beta folder.

Beta Switch.zip
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My software engineer just sent sent me several programs recompiled to run on PAC Project 9.5 but before I load them I am wondering how stable is PAC Project 9.5. Any glitches we should be aware of. We have quite a number of machines running with PAC-R1 with 9.4 and they are running fairly well and I am wondering what benefits I would see in PAC Project 9.5

I haven’t used Control 9.5 in any production sites yet - just for testing. I do use Display 9.5 at production sites due to show stopping bugs in 9.4, but still run 9.4 or 9.3 of Control.

That being said, I haven’t run into any issue running control 9.5 in my testing, but if it isn’t broke…

Interesting…I just went through a round of windows updates…and the runtimes no longer crash. Thanks Microsoft…for causing problems…but at least fixing them! So good news…Opto…you are off the hook :slight_smile:

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9.5 runs good so far, have one curing oven running it and a well system with four remote sites running it and no problems so far. Pac Display runs ok too, except for an issue where it crashes when you try and switch back to real time in the super trends, otherwise stable.

Just letting everyone know that I have set up several customers with 9.5 with PAC R1 with EB-1 packages and so far all run well.

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