Digital Output Using pac-manager

Hello every body quick question I have a rack with 16 ODC5-i modules(Digital Outputs) on it normally I am able to turn off or on any particular digital output point in fact I can manipulate all of them on this rack but I have one of them that wont let me turn it off for some reason it is always on I’m using pac-manager to communicate with my rack…any help would be appreciated thankx

When you click on the menu on the left, ‘Digital Bank’, do you see anything unusual?
Also when you say it will not turn off, does it have a load, or are you talking about the module LED?
Have you tried swapping that module with another on the rack to see if its the module, or the position on the rack?

What do you mean by unusual?? and Yes Beno I already swapped that module but still is always on this particular one is channel number 1 but channels 2,3, and 4 are fine even with no wires connected to the Module it is always showing “ON” on my digital points screen on PAC-manager and when I push the “OFF” button wont work the rest of the modules work…thanks for the quick response Beno

here is a screen shot of it

does anybody have this problem??

Is there a strategy running that is keeping this output on? Is this on a rack with a brain or a processor?

NO there is no strategy and it is on a rack with a EB1 brain

How are you connected? Try unplugging the EB1 network cables from the switch (whatever) and plugging your computer directly into the EB1. This will rule out ANY outside interference.

ok nick I will try that…