Digital Input "Period" Feature

Updating hardware in a project from a B100 to a E1 brain and have one G4IDC5 using the “Period” feature in the point definition with the B100, but that feature isn’t available defining a point with the E1. Am I missing something or is that feature not available with the newer brain?

According to the E1/E2 User’s Guide the Pulse duration measurement isn’t available using the OptoMMP protocol.

Page 40 and 47 of the MMP guide (#1465) seem to suggest it is supported.
Where are you seeing it stated that it’s not?


Page 5 “E1 Brain Board Features” table.

PAC Control is using the OptoMMP protocol, correct?

Page 5 talks about programming steps… what document number are you looking at?

Are you using MMP or PAC Control?

Form 1563-220304—March 2022

I’m using PAC Control 10.4 Pro.

I don’t have one in my office to set up and test, but I am pretty sure that since you are using PAC Control, you don’t ‘have’ to use MMP commands. Use the PAC Control commands, and it will get the pulse duration as usual.

When defining the I/O point on an E1/G4 rack, the only feature option is “None” or “Counter”.

Did some reading.
Looks like the plan was to have it a straight swap. So all the serial commands are as expected (period etc).
However, when migrating from serial to Ethernet, some things changed.
If I have time, I will look into the ModbusTCP options.

I use it all the time to measure pulse lengths from another devices relay outputs. However it does not work on high density modules.