Digital Counter Max Frequency

I’m wanting to hook up an anemometer to the RIO digital input as a counter, and am wondering if the frequency will be too high for the RIO to accurately count.

Each revolution opens and closes a digital contact 2-4 times, so an RPM of 100 works out to once every maybe 200ms. Is that too fast for the digital counter in the RIO?


Should be fine - counter points are good for 10kHz.

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Hi Loren, according to the spec published inside the groov RIO, Discrete Counter inputs can handle up to 10 KHz so you should be fine!

This is similar to a project I did several years ago. I used an Anemometer from
I used a standard DC input with an EB1 brain and set up the input for frequency measurement, then all I had to do was divide the frequency by a constant to find MPH. Even at 20 pulses per revolution I never had any issues. The OPTO 22 equipment worked like a champ, granted I did this with SNAP instead of EPIC RIO, so your situation could be different.

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