Developement of IEC61850 on EPIC-Groove by SSH Lic

Hello Team,

We have used libIEC61850 on the open Linux board for the development of the IEC61850 using the below library in C IEC 60870-5-101/104 C Source Code Library - MZ Automation

So We want to explore the same library with the EPIC-Groove as a part of one such inquiry to have EPIC-Groove as RTU product.

We have planned 4 part implementation

  1. to fetch the repository with ssh access via git clone
  2. cmake the repository and make its library or .so file
  3. make application to communicate the data from IEC61850 server (relay)
  4. fetched data to share via Groove HMI or to main SCADA via IEC 61850-104

Please share your thoughts on the above steps to implement the IEC 61850-104 with Groove EPIC.

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Welcome to the Opto 22 forums!

From a quick look your 4 point plan of attack looks sound.

We wrote a blog about moving from platform to EPIC/RIO a few weeks back, you might like to review it:

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hey Beno,

Thank you for sharing the view from programmability flexibility is concerned, in RPI we have all the access to the webserver and the HMI. Now, do we have this all accessibility of all hardware of EPIC Grove?

Also please share your comments on the IEC 61850 C program library!

groov EPIC uses groov View as it main HMI. You can also use PAC Display to build HMI screens.
With shell access, you may explore other web server options, but we do not support them.

I have never used IEC 61850.

is there any way we can edit webserver as per our customization and also to use variables of our C code to present on the HMI or Webserver. for that we usually use concept of shared memory!

Please share your thoughts on the same!

Your C code will make RESTful calls to the webserver.
Your C code will move your variables to the webserver via the RESTful calls.

Details here:

thank you

Can you please share with one such example where i have c code inside GrooveEPIC via shell and it would call the REST-API .

I am perhaps miss understanding, but there is nothing special about the EPIC REST interface… That’s the whole point of REST is its very standardized across devices.
You should be able to use any C RESTful library to make the call.

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