Detect I/O Module Being Used

This may cross over with applications, but maybe not. If this is the wrong category I’ll repost it.
Anyway, I’m working on an application and I’d like to gather as much information about the module hardware currently connected to the Opto as possible. For analog cards I can retrieve the type/model of the module, whereas for digital it just says “Dig/None”. So I can’t get the model or even know if there is something connected in that slot. I saw an older post that seems to confirm that you just have to know what is connected, but it was posted over 10 years ago so I guess I’m just wondering if that is still the case and if I understood everything I’ve read about it so far.

If that is the case is there any way I can perform a test to at least see if a module is there like a ping or something?


Hi Calvin,
There is not an easy way to do this, however if your points are named you might try to read the name of the point. It would return a value if it is there. If there is not a module there and thus no name, then you will not get a value back:


In this case 0xfffff011B030 is the address of Module 9 Point 0, when no module and name is present val=0

Not sure if you have names for all your points or not, but if you do this might be a work around.
Good luck!


Hey Norm,

Thanks for the reply. I’ll give that a shot and see if I can get it to work the way we want it to.