Desktop browser in handheld mode

In Chrome and in Firefox when I resize the browser window width so that the layout changes to “Handheld” mode, gadgets that are on the right side are cut off. I have to keep them four grid spaces from the right side to avoid this.

I also have to keep the gadgets a full seven grid spaces from the bottom (at the default height) to avoid an unnecessary scroll bar on the PR1s touch screen.


Ive been having this issue for sometime now. I use the line gadget to build myself a grid to show the true work space so I can avoid this. Ive also noticed that if I am using a 5:4 or 4:3 device the bleeds in the work space are even more skewed and I need to have the right side gadgets overhanging the workspace and into the page stash to avoid having excess empty space along the right boarder.