Definition of TPO?

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Can someone please explain definition of TPO as it relates to a “DIGITAL OUTPUT” in OPTO world?

Digital point should simply be On/Off. Shouldn’t it? How does “Time Propotional Output” factor in to a digital point?

[SIZE=2]I read form 1144-120531 but could not find any information on the subject. Module in question is an “SNAP-OAC5MA” and TPO is a configuration option for the channel (point).



In a nutshell: our brains are really smart and can do some basic logic themselves (PID, TPO, counting). Check your PAC Control command reference for the commands called “Set TPO Period” and “Set TPO Percent” to get started with those I/O Unit features.

Think PWM (pulse width modulation). TPO period is the frequency and TPO percent is the duty cycle. just check with your digital modules on/off times to get a gauge as to how well the TPO commands will respond. There was a forum post about this a while ago so have a search (I’d post the link but laziness has taken over at the moment…)

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Thanks OptoMary/Nick,

I got it now. Appreciate your help.